Sketching my future

"Every artist has her share of struggles and my case is no different. My problems started at home though. I had to go to great lengths to convince my parents that my love for art is real and that their only child is capable of making her own decisions. Ours being a big extended family didn’t exactly help matters, as many joined my parents chorus in questioning my career options. Graphic designing, VFX, calligraphy, teaching... I did whatever I felt remotely connected to art, but kept looking for opportunities to showcase my creativity.
One fine day I decided that there was no point in being on the sidelines forever. I came up with the idea of 48 paintings in 48 days and that exhibition was well received. It became the jump-start for my own venture. Now, apart from my sketching, oils, acrylics and 3D Art, I am into fashion designing and recently launched a clothing label. 
Things settled down a bit on the personal front too. My parents look at my career differently now and I cherish my bond with my photographer husband. Present is picture-perfect. And future sketch is promising...with brush in my hand and colour palette on the side".

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