Being Street Smart!

"Doing business on the streets is no mean feat. You have to endure a lot and still serve people to earn your livelihood. At times, I also give it back to rude people when that is the only way to deal with them. But thankfully I have some very good customers too and when they compliment my food, I forget all the stress and move on. Helping my husband is what makes me happy and we run our business with lot of passion and hard work. 
It was quite tough for me to make the initial transition as I was this post graduate from Maharashtra who had many dreams of starting her own business. But once I got married and moved to Hyderabad, life took a different direction. My husband needed a full-time support and he suggested that start this together. I was glad to chip in.
Touchwood, things have been terrific since then... and now, our Wadapav is famous all over the city. My daily routine begins with cooking, after I send my daughter to school. I meticulously prepare everything on our menu and bring the delicacies to make it an instant feast for my customers. Doing what I love and doing it for people I care for, makes my life a tasty treat.”

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