Music is my life

"Music is my life. When I play a guitar, it is as if I am injecting myself into the strings and making the music. And I lose track of time. Same happens to me when I am in our music shop from dawn to dusk. I help out both amateurs and professionals pick from our wide variety of musical instruments and make sure their musical appetite is satiated. I try to learn everything about these instruments and equipment, to give the best possible service to music fraternity.
Many youngsters walk into our shop and pick up an instrument they’ve just seen in a movie. Some even pose with them and take a picture. I don’t discourage them as this is a way one begins to feel kinship with music. But to make it a real interest, the desire has to be stronger and burn within. I hope such fire kindles in atleast a few of them, like it did for me when I was very young. My brother helped me nurture it and put me on this path.
I can mention quite a few milestones so far, like the recent huge concerts we supported or the big films we helped with musical props. But the one that I am looking forward to most is that of creating and playing my own music. I am sure I will get there, adagio or allegro.”

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